Why a Garden Studio Can be Ideal

Small Garden Studio

New Working Space For Freelancers – The Garden Studio

Not all freelancers are single or completely independent, like Carry Bradshaw from ‘Sex and the City’, affording to rent at least a studio in Manhattan and to buy hundreds of pair of shoes.

And if for past generations being hired by and working, if possible, the whole life for the same organization was every working person’s dream, nowadays freelancing has become as common a dream, this working manner being able to provide the same financial stability as that aimed at by the one-working place man.

But while you have total flexibility as to your working hours, you obviously don’t have a working place. This does not mean, on the other hand, that freelancing is an easier job that you could perform virtually anywhere, be it in a bus station or on a bench in the park, if you are, for instance, a journalist.

Timber clad Garden StudioWhile new ideas may pop into your head anywhere, you’d rather put them down in a notebook and write the article at home. The different manner of selling your work has nothing to do with the work conditions required or with the work ethics. You still need a privileged space where to focus and do your job according to expectations.

Unlike the one-organization worker, though, you are a kind of aristocrat (if they would have ever considered working!): you can decide not only on your working schedule, but also on your working place, choosing one matching perfectly your desires. How? – By acquiring a garden studio that you can design to your liking.

There your kids, elderly parents, in-laws or any dependents or pets for that matter won’t be able to affect the freedom you obtained by freelancing, making you to change your working hours by frequent interruptions or distraction or to change your working place every now and then, depending on the space available in the house, or, even worse, to perform poorly due to the lack of concentration or continuity required by your assignments.

Garden offices would allow you to have an ideal job: one with your own working hours, your own office and with one boss: you yourself. If fit out with a kitchenette and toilet, you won’t have to go to the house for making a coffee or having a snack or even a regular lunch.

If you are a smoker, no one would be affected here by your habit and, with your large windows and glass doors wide open, you’ll even not have to step out, without ‘poisoning’ at the same time the air in the room.

Become your own boss, therefore, in all respects, by simply purchasing a garden studio!

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