Finding and Comparing Combi Boilers Prices

"A" rated combi boilers

How to Best Compare Combi Boilers Prices

Firstly, without doubt, the quickest and most convenient way to get a comparison of combi boilers prices is to go online by searching for something like “Compare Combi Boilers Prices & Costs 2020“.

Secondly, it’s also best to get a bit of foreknowledge on the type of boiler you have in the house, because it may not be a combi boiler type.

What types of boilers are there?

hot water boiler tanksThe easiest way to tell the basic boiler system you have is to check for water storage tanks.

Combi boilers do not need to store hot or cold water because they are fed straight from the mains water supply. The water is piped straight into the appliance where it is heated and delivered to your taps almost instantly.

The power or flow of water will be determined by both your local water mains pressure and the capacity of the boiler to supply a sufficiently powerful and fast hot water flow. All appliances should be able to show their flow rate in their basic specifications.

combi boiler panelAs an example of how important the flow rate is, for example, your boiler could be rated at10 litres per minute and your water mains pressure can only supply  8 litres per minute Рso you will never get the full flow of water from the boiler that it is capable of.

System Boilers make use of a sealed system with water storage tanks – so if you have a hot water tank stashed away in the airing cupboard, then you don’t want to be looking for combi boiler prices!

So, if you have a water tank in the house, you have some kind of system boiler.

It is possible to convert from “tanked” to “tankless” but, it’s going to be a bit pricey due to all the conversion work needed.

Get your heating assessed by a qualified engineer and then you can get a proper quote for the right boiler.