Composite Doors and the Reasons for Their Popularity

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Composite Doors and the Reasons for Their Popularity to Homeowners

Composite Doors Details

Composite doors are the latest door innovation available in the market today. They are made to correct the flaws of the older types of doors such as the traditional wooden doors and the PVC doors. They can be used as internal or external doors but, in most cases, they are mainly used as main or front doors.

composite front doorsThese types of doors are manufactured using varied materials; thus, they are called composite doors. The materials used are chosen to create excellent doors that homeowners would love to install in their houses. The materials are durable, weather resistant and impenetrable.

They are also guaranteed to have high rate of performance and have long life span. Examples of materials that are normally used in making these doors are PVCU, aluminium, steel, fiberglass or glass reinforced plastic and hardwood.

The doors face can be made up of fiberglass, aluminium or PVCU. The use of fiberglass as skin or face is most popular because of its high resistance to different weather conditions. A fiberglass skin also enhances the timber grain effect of the material used.

Insulating foam such as polyurethane is also typical for these types of doors. This insulating material is more efficient and heavier in nature and helps to reinforce the strength of the door. PVCU steel reinforced frames are also commonly used to hang this latest door technology.

Reasons of Their Popularity

Safe and Secure

Composite doors are commonly installed as exterior doors because of the high security they offer. The door structures are built with care using solid and strong materials that ensure good protection from damage, be it accidental or intentional. Pure PVC doors for example are already strong but not as strong as composite doors.

Reinforcements are included in the form of strong door frames, strong door slabs or dense insulating foam to increase their strength.

In general, these doors are also equipped with high standard and latest technology locking systems. This high end security such as the multi point locking system ensures the security of every person and every property inside the house.


Durability adds to the many features of composite doors that make them attractive to buyers. They are designed to withstand long term wear and tear making them ideal to install in heavy traffic areas. They are also resistant to the changing weather conditions. They do not expand or shrink during cold and hot weather respectively.

One quite common problem which is associated with door shrinkage and expansion problems is the difficulty in opening and closing the door. This problem is common with other types of doors especially with some of the traditional wooden doors. This problem is avoided with composite doors.


In the economic point of view, this latest door technology can also be a winner. Electricity consumption is reduced since these doors are well insulated and draught proof. As a result, houses are more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly especially during the cold days of winter. They also create a more comfortable and a cosier room environment.

Maintenance is also lower compared to other doors, which is economical not only financially but also in terms of time and effort. Their aesthetics also last longer with less maintenance unlike wooden doors where regular sanding, painting, and cleaning are necessary.

Availability of varied choices in terms of colour, style, and design

In addition, these modern types of doors also offer a variety of styles, colours, and designs. Many door suppliers have their own designs and styles that homeowners can choose from. However, many of these suppliers also allow their customers to create their own design according to their preferences.

In the end, every homeowner will have their own composite doors that they can be proud of. See How Much do Composite Doors Cost?