Coach adapted to carry disabled passengers. This coach can carry up to a maximum of 5 passengers in their wheel chairs with up to 31 seated passengers.

The number of wheel chair spaces can be changed (max 5 wheel chairs) to as little as 1 wheel chair and 45 seated passengers.

If you have passengers that can not accommodate the stairs this is not a problem with this coach, as the fitted lift can be used just for this.

Once the wheel chairs are inside the coach, they are then clamped down to the floor.

Disabled Coaches
5 fixed wheelchairs 31 seated
4 fixed wheelchairs 35 seated
3 fixed wheelchairs 39 seated
2 fixed wheelchairs 43 seated
1 fixed wheelchair 45 seated
Lift only 45 seats

The amount of wheel chair spaces required must be confirmed a least one day prior to the coach departure.